About Us

Ammex Masonry, Inc. was founded in 2002 by Jaime Alvarez and Josh Cronholm. Jaime and Josh were enjoying successful masonry careers when they were both laid off in a down economy. They decided the only way to work for the best, most stable masonry company in the world was to create it themselves.

Jaime and Josh worked out of Josh’s house for several weeks drafting the business plan for what would later become Ammex Masonry, Inc. What once began in a basement with a project manager, estimator and a skeleton crew, has since evolved into a fully-staffed office and 100+ crew members completing multi-million dollar contracts across Colorado and in neighboring states.

“I was nervous about working with a mason that I had not worked with previously, but Ammex Masonry changed my mind on that right from the start. Ammex Masonry is as dependable and straight-up as they come and anything they say they will do gets done. They will give you honest feedback on schedule, manpower and any upcoming issues they might forsee. They exceeded our expectations in meeting and pushing the schedule on a job where the masonry was absolutely the critical path. They have a good safety culture and followed through on all of our safety protocols. On the office side they are easy to deal with and are fair & reasonable with pricing added scope. Furthermore they do not try to “nickel and dime” you for any little item and they do what they can to help when needed. I will absolutely be using Ammex Masonry again on future projects and would certainly recommend them to anyone.”

John SpightProject Manager, Swinerton Builders


We believe our commitment to quality begins and ends with our people. Our distinguished group of bricklayers and foremen has made us the finest firm in Colorado. Our crews take pride in the artistry of their craft and understand we do not cut corners with any aspect of an exterior system. The people who come to work each day at Ammex Masonry combined with our outstanding safety record and award-winning construction, make us the quality leader in the industry.


Our officers share about a century’s worth of masonry expertise covering every possible aspect of masonry construction. In the field, many of our foremen have been leading masonry construction projects for 25 years or more. Ammex Masonry was founded back in 2002, but continues to thrive today because of our dynamic team of industry veterans.


Our superior attention to customer service and contractor relationships has solidified our reputation for trust and integrity in the masonry industry. Ammex Masonry, Inc. may not get its value from being the least expensive contractor on bid day, but we continue to satisfy repeat customers because Ammex Masonry consistently under-promises and over-delivers.

  • Budgeting

    We provide numbers to owners and general contractors during the early stages of a project.

  • Value Engineering

    We brainstorm ideas to lower the costs of over budgeting.

  • Estimating

    We use cutting-edge software to give accurate, realistic and competitive numbers to owners and general contractors.

  • Scheduling

    We work with general contractors and owners with scheduling durations and we contribute ideas to meet tight schedules.

  • Construction

    We build quality buildings safely and in a timely manner.